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SurfaceNet GmbH Germany (Crystals, Substrates, Services)

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Display of crystals, devices and exhibition in honor of Dr. Leon Merker


Large natural SiO2 crystal and 4 split skull crucible

Fused SiO2 crucible for Si crystal growth

Natural crystals of SiO2 -
Bergkristall and Amethyst

Posscity and free surface area measurement systems

Annealing and sintering furnaces

Analytic - SEM with EDAX system

Flame fusion system for transition metal oxides crystals

Eraporation coatin system for metal layers on substrates

High pressure press and surface measurement systems

Flame fusion system for Titanate crystals

CMP (chemo mechanical polishing system

Diamand lapping system

Interference microscope

CNC dicing saw

X-ray Laue

Chemical reactor for the preparation
of crystal growth feed material

CNC dicing saw

Machine shop

UV - VIS spectrometer

Scan of TiO2 Rutile crystals

Atomic Force Microscope

Tip of AFM

Analytic - AFM